Buena Vista

Sugarcane - Watermelon - Cacao Nibs


Farm: Buena Vista 

Region: Huila, Colombia

Producers: Humberto Caldron

Variety: Colombia

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1,770 masl

Area: 2.5 ½ Hectares

Process Details

  •  Step 1 - Cherry fermentation in Tulas for 24 hours without water

  •  Step 2 - fermentation cement tank without lid, without water for 48 hours. Temp no higher than 30 degrees. Constantly mixed. 

  •  Step 3 - Semi-washed with little water to remove impurities 

  •  Step 4 - Plastic dryer for 12-15 days. Temp up to 45 degrees, It is stirred twice daily. 

The producer Humberto Calderón is characterized by being a friendly, cordial and committed person. He stands out on the sidewalk for his leadership and for contributing ideas to the internal processes of his

organization. He knows how to listen and is open to recommendations made for the improvement of his cup profiles and the quality of his product.

He is a husband and father of 3 children, two of whom are young producers and have academic training in the coffee area. Alternatively, Don Gustavo is a producer of panela and grows sugar cane on his farm and has his sugar mill in which he processes it to get that product. For more than 4 years, this coffee farmer has been developing coffee production and associated crops free of agrochemical inputs, implementing agroecological practices that contribute to the conservation and preservation of the environment. His farm is part of the Organic Production Program of the Terra Verde Association, which is in the process of being certified in the NOP-USDA ECOLOGICAL  STANDARD AND IN EQUIVALENCE WITH THE REGULATIONS CE834 / 2007 AND CE-889 / 2008 OF THE EUROPEAN UNION” through the international entity Mayacert.

Within the farm, mountain microorganisms are used, which reproduce by making use of rice husks, molasses and the mountain substrate, generating an environment conducive to the reproduction of positive bacteria for the soil, helping the decomposition of nutrients and the best use of its components, so Humberto makes sure to preserve his family's coffee tradition and likewise knows that it is the correct way to evolve in the subject of coffee, the means to improve the infrastructure conditions in the farm thus allowing it to continue providing excellent quality coffee.